How to search for the best deals on Twitter (the coolest way)

Twitter, you think? The conversation platform where people are talking about politics and cats? The place where you can place only 280 characters, including the emojis and you tell me this is a place to find deals and do eCommerce?

Twitter is more than that, in fact, most of of your favourite brands are on Twitter, and you can easily follow them, get the latest news and deals. Also, next to the brands, you have accounts only tweeting about deals like @CouponKid, @RetailMeNot.

Brands and retailers want followers to build a social community around what they sell, let’s be real, they just want to broadcast.

(post in the comments brands that created a conversation with you, outside customer service )

Not me. So what is the alternative? Having access to the latest deals of my favourite brands and not getting bombarded by the stream of commercial tweets?

That’s why I was looking for, and I came across @Masha_ai_, the #1 eCommerce in Messenger Apps.
They have an Assistant bot in FB Messenger, Line Messenger, Telegram, Slack…. , working with > 5000 brands and local shops and I found something super fun and cool they did with Twitter

You can simply ask the latest deals of your favourite brands anytime, anywhere with a tweet.

How does it work?

I tweeted “ask @masha_ai_ about the latest deals from Swarovski

and I got a reply with the number of deals and a link instantly to see them.

Great, as Twitter is only 280 characters long, and of course they could reply with all the deals they have, but that would be overkill don’t you think?

The other good part of this Twitter service is that the brands deliver all the deals directly to Masha, meaning all the deals are working and are NOT scrapped.

Did you try the new service on Twitter?

Do you think the link is perfect or you prefer to have all the deals sent to you as a reply (may be limited to max 5)?

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