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Founder of (eCommerce) ●● We The Business Podcast ●● Art Collector ●● Short Video Producer



    Doing my best to explain the complex in an easy way • IT Project Manager 👨‍💻 • Warsaw Poland • Adventure seeker 🤸‍♂️ • Productivity Lifehacks • Nootropics

  • Ariel Lim

    Ariel Lim

    Marketer, freelancer, husband | The Startup, Better Marketing, The Ascent, PGSG | Find out how I grew my organic traffic by 110% in 5 mo:

  • Melitta Campbell

    Melitta Campbell

    Melitta is a Business Coach, Speaker and Best-selling Author. She helps women confidently build a profitable business they love.

  • kjell moens

    kjell moens

  • Naomi Irons

    Naomi Irons

    Do It Yourself projects enthusiast. Celebrating creativity everyday. I’ve been killing it in the organization arena for over 10 years.

  • cpisolution “cpisolution” oracle,bigdataandai

    cpisolution “cpisolution” oracle,bigdataandai

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