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New research by Alix Partners shows that 43% of shoppers want to buy less in the future. And if they shop, it will be more online.

The report also showed that younger people age between 18 to 24, in all the researched countries, are concerned about mental health.

Let’s dive deeper into these 2 findings and how they are related to each other

70% of Chinese consumers say they will shop more online in the future than before. Other countries have different and lower numbers.

  • China: 70%

What surprised…

Part of the folklore about successful entrepreneurs is that they succeeded because they first failed. We, entrepreneurs, are told to “Fail fast”, you’ll learn valuable lessons that will help you in your next venture.

Where is this idea come from? Does it come from athletics where we rehearse and rehearse movements, practice over time, resulting in what appears as an almost effortless success?

In fact, “Fail Fast, Fail Often” is Silicon’s Valley most striking mantra. They are recited on conferences, posters on the walls. …

Tonight; I want to bring up a more serious topic, that many organization have problems with, but have no easy way to detect or even stop it. I am talking about Narcissists on the work floor.

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The most straightforward explanation is that narcissist tends to think grandly of oneself, to the point of losing respect and compassion for others. It’s all about them all the time. People are accessories to them, disposable means to meet their own ends.

Narcissists can showcase the following characteristics…

What is the link between Maurizo Cattelan, the artist who duck-taped a banana on a wall, and sold it for $120.000 and Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon?

In their beginnings, neither Maurizo Cattelan, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma and myself were not taken seriously about our goals and projects Jack Ma has been refused 30x times applying for a job. Nobody believed in Jeff Bezos giving up his high paid wall-street job.

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I am sure all of you remember the piece of work from Maurizio Cattelan sold for…

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When we think of purpose-driven companies, who do you think of?
Ex. I think of brands like Patagonia

Over the last seven years, an idea that is widely promoted in the advertising and marketing world is “brand with a purpose outperform those that don’t have one.”
Brands with a purpose = are that brands which have a purpose beyond profit.

Listen to Brand Purpose, The Myth Debunked on We The Business Podcast

The evidence supporting brand purpose comes from the book Grow, written by Jim Stengel and ex-CMO of P&G.

He came up with…

We would all like to add clickable links to our Instagram, but we can’t.

The Swipe Up feature is only for IG account with 10k followers.


1. Add a story + add a POLL sticker
3. The question: “Do you want to receive the link)”
4. Options “Yes” and “Hell Yes.”


When your followers click Yes or hell Yes, you get a private message in IG.
Just reply with the link and your follower can click.


You have a private conversation, which is again super good for the algorithm.

Twitter, you think? The conversation platform where people are talking about politics and cats? The place where you can place only 280 characters, including the emojis and you tell me this is a place to find deals and do eCommerce?

Twitter is more than that, in fact, most of of your favourite brands are on Twitter, and you can easily follow them, get the latest news and deals. Also, next to the brands, you have accounts only tweeting about deals like @CouponKid, @RetailMeNot.

Brands and retailers want followers to build a social community around what they sell, let’s be real…

Slack is a workplace communication tool, “a single place for messaging, tools and files.” It means Slack is an instant messaging system with lots of add-ins for other workplace tools.

Despite regular team activities, employees will spend most of their time at their desks, even during COVID lockdowns and homeworking.

In a survey by Glassdoor, 80% of employees said they would choose additional benefits over a pay raise, and a study by Monster showed similar findings: 32% of respondents want a health-care plan above all else, while 25% indicated vacation time as a key benefit.

The younger generation is less…

When working online, running a business online, you always need to some resize images for Facebook header, Instagram Story, or the colour palette you have the #fff colour and the app needs RGB(255,255,255) type of colour.

None of the following links and brands is sponsored, we use them on a weekly base, certainly #3

#1: Hexadecimal or RGB

Example, if you want to add your brand colours to Canva, you need to have the hexadecimal value of the colour. What do you do when you got the RGB values?
Hex to RGB:
RGB to Hex:

Dan’s Tools takes input in the form…

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