Twitter, you think? The conversation platform where people are talking about politics and cats? The place where you can place only 280 characters, including the emojis and you tell me this is a place to find deals and do eCommerce?

Twitter is more than that, in fact, most of of your favourite brands are on Twitter, and you can easily follow them, get the latest news and deals. Also, next to the brands, you have accounts only tweeting about deals like @CouponKid, @RetailMeNot.

Brands and retailers want followers to build a social community around what they sell, let’s be real, they just want to broadcast. …

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Slack is a workplace communication tool, β€œa single place for messaging, tools and files.” It means Slack is an instant messaging system with lots of add-ins for other workplace tools.

Despite regular team activities, employees will spend most of their time at their desks, even during COVID lockdowns and homeworking.

In a survey by Glassdoor, 80% of employees said they would choose additional benefits over a pay raise, and a study by Monster showed similar findings: 32% of respondents want a health-care plan above all else, while 25% indicated vacation time as a key benefit.

The younger generation is less likely to be wowed by traditional HR benefits than past generations and more interested in how the culture of a business speaks to them. The good news for HR departments and business owners: Some of the things that tend to score big points with Millennials won’t necessarily cost you big bucks. …

Have you noticed that here on LinkedIn when you share a post, you get fewer views than your own posts.

The video shows what I mean and shows a hack to get more views on your shares, which is cool for the community.

Click the image to see the video (YouTube)

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Click the image to see the video


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